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“Frank McKinney is the King of ready-made dream homes” – USA Today

If you missed or want to relive the Make it BIG Event we will soon have a


where you will experience everything that I taught at the event, including Wealth Building through Real Estate & Overcoming the Fear of Risk

Over 2,000 TV appearances and print articles later (including Oprah & 20/20), and after creating and selling over $400 million in speculative real estate, Frank McKinney has decided to personally host his VERY FIRST (and probably last) event of this kind in the cities referenced above (more cities to come). That's right, an event given by Frank McKinney himself (no "certified" or substitute teachers).

Actually, Frank puts it this way...
“The Make it BIG event is more of an experience. Motivation washes off in the shower, inspiration fades like the effects of a sunburn, but aspiration can alter your DNA and forever change your life and the lives of those you love.

The Make it BIG event will help you learn what legacy you aspire to leave, and be able to do so by building a nice net worth through investing in real estate and overcoming those fears that might be getting in your way.

The immediately actionable curriculum I have developed and will personally deliver at the Make it BIG event is unlike any other.”

So Who is Frank McKinney?

Here’s an excerpt from Frank’s bio as read by Oprah: Meet Frank McKinney: Real Estate Artist, 5-time International Bestselling Author (in 4 genres), super hero meets Robin Hood, Philanthro-Capitalist, Ultramarathoner, and Visionary who sees opportunities and creates markets where none existed before.

Upon attending his 4th high school in 4 years (he was asked to leave the first 3), Frank earned his high school diploma with a less-than-stellar 1.8 GPA. Then, with $50 in his pocket and without the benefit of further education, Frank left his native Indiana for Florida in search of his professional highest calling.

Now, 25 years later, Frank creates real estate markets where others fear to tread. He has built spec homes (homes built without a buyer) valued in the tens of millions of dollars, shattering price records with each new project.

Frank was recently featured on ABC's 20/20, the cover of USA Today, CBS' The Early Show, CNN, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, HGTV, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Fortune, Barrons, and in over 2,000 additional TV and print stories. To learn more about Frank, click HERE.
Frank McKinney
"Frank McKinney is the Real Estate Rock Czar. He likes to live on the edge." -Wall Street Journal


Live From Florida

Live From California

Live From Pennsylvania


“The Caring House Project Foundation shall create projects based upon self-sufficiency by providing housing, food, water, medical support and opportunity for the desperately poor and homeless from around the world, from the Caribbean, South America, Indonesia, Africa to here in the United States.”

The Caring House Project

Frank’s greatest accomplishment might be found in his “Philanthro-Capitalistic” work in the poorest country in the world, that being Haiti. Frank’s Caring House Project Foundation, www.chpf.org has built 21 self-sufficient villages in Haiti in the last 11 years. By the end of this year CHPF will have provided housing and a self-sufficient existence to over 10,000 desperately poor and homeless children and their families – all at NO COST to those blessed to receive such hope!

Why is the Make it BIG Event called the Anti-Seminar?

Let’s be honest, with very few exceptions, most seminars are a complete waste of your time and money. They tend to be given by gurus who are great at selling you something and getting you all fired up, yet don’t have the experience or credentials to back up their boasting. They tend to over-promise and under-deliver, and a few weeks or months after a typical seminar you are no better off.

This one-day “anti” seminar will focus on how you can Make it BIG by Wealth Building through investing in Real Estate and Overcoming Fear associated with Taking Risk, any Risk. It will be personally given for the first time (and probably last time) by Frank McKinney himself (no substitute teachers), a person who has walked the talk for 25+ years. Frank keeps a lower profile and is the considered the “advisor to the gurus.” Event proceeds will benefit Caring House Project Foundation’s efforts to build self-sufficient villages for the poorest of Haiti.

At the Make It BIG Event there is NO upselling, NO coaching program to buy, NO back room sales! Once you pay your registration fee (which is actually a donation to our Caring House Project) you are done with your wallet! I have written a 100+ page textbook with curriculum SPECIFIC to the Make it BIG Event. Together we will work though this at the event. You won’t need ANY MORE material to succeed other than what you receive at the event – period!When you leave the Make it BIG Event you won’t need to attend another seminar all year.

So what’s different about the Make it BIG Event?

What’s different about the Make it BIG event is that it is given by a man who has made real estate markets (and a fortune) over a 25-year span. Frank McKinney went from $50,000 crack houses to building $50 million mansions – all on speculation! He runs a large charity (CHP) that builds self-sufficient villages for the world’s poor, has swapped places with the U.S. homeless in 16 cities over a recent 23-day span during his Survival to Thrival tour, has written 5 bestselling books, been married 24 years and lived in the same home for 17.

Frank walked his daughter to school every day from Pre-kindergarten to 8th grade – a span of 1,650 consecutive walks! Here is a piece that covered the last walk: He runs ultra-marathons, one in particular, the Death Valley Badwater 135-mile Ultramarathon, the toughest non-stop race in the world according to National Geographic. He has been an usher at the 7:00am mass at his small church in Delray Beach, Florida for the past 16 years. In short, Frank McKinney is the Real Deal.

Five primary reasons why you and a guest should attend the Make it BIG Event – The Anti-Seminar:

  1. You will learn how, in the span of 25 years, Frank went from a $50,000 fixer-upper to a $50 million mansion as a real estate investor, creating and selling over $400 million in real estate along the way. You will learn how to build a nice net worth for yourself by investing in real estate.
  2. Your attendance is actually a ONE-for-ONE donation to Frank’s Caring House Project where you'll provide permanent shelter by building a concrete home for ONE child in Haiti. That’s right, build a home for the poor while building a fortune in real estate. The ultimate win-win!
  3. You will learn how to overcome the fear that comes with thinking about taking a risk. How to exercise your “risk threshold” (your tolerance for risk) so that it becomes stronger and is able to withstand greater pressure.
  4. You will learn to become an "executioner" and be able to take massive and focused action by relentlessly pursuing what you aspire to – learning to close the loop on every important endeavor you undertake.
  5. Whether you are looking to buy your first home and create instant equity, looking to buy your first investment property, have invested in real estate and are not satisfied with your results, or have had success as an investor yet want to get to the next level, allow Frank to share his 25 years of real estate experience to show you the way.

I’ve Read Enough Frank – Register Me Now!

When you attend, what should you expect to learn?
Here’s a small sampling of some Life Lessons Frank will share during the morning session (begins at 9:00am).

The "Mind Before the Money:"

Overcome the fear that comes with thinking about taking a risk.
–How to exercise your “risk threshold” (your tolerance for risk) so that it becomes stronger and is able to withstand greater pressure.
Identify at least one meaningful yet seemingly insurmountable, incomprehensible and impossible (the 3 "I's") change or challenge that will leave your life forever improved.
How in the moment of perceived silence--when it seems as if your prayers aren't being answered in the ways you'd hoped
-you're invited to "rephrase the question" and receive something greater than you've ever imagined.
Learn to become an "executioner" and be able to take massive and focused action by relentlessly pursuing what you aspire to –learning to close the loop on every important endeavor you undertake.
What to do if you've been feeling as if your success isn't enough ... as if there is something more that will bring you fulfillment, happiness, and a sense of greater accomplishment.
Learn why motivation washes off in the shower, inspiration fades like the effects of a sunburn, but ASPIRATION can alter your DNA and forever change your life and the lives of those you love.
Why you can't really understand or apply such popular ideas as the law of attraction and "the secret" until you've been tapped.
How to sensitize yourself to God's call and be prepared for the times when you're most likely to experience life’s great "Tap Moments."

And here’s a short list of some of the Real Estate Success Secrets Frank will share in the afternoon session (begins at 1:00pm).

"Building a Nice Net Worth Through Real Estate:"

Frank takes you on a factual real estate retrospective, a "post mortem" of the housing markets, beginning with the mid-seventies to today. He shares the results of studying six distinct real estate cycles over the last 40 years, with Frank successfully participating in four of those six over the last 25 years. Here he sifts out critical, recurring trends that highlight significant opportunities for you to make money TODAY while warning where history might repeat itself.
Get the evidentiary truth - not the fear-mongering or sugar-coating on real estate's ups and downs. You'll see exactly how Frank has successfully profited from these predictable cycles with timeless financial and investment strategies, and how you can too.
Pinpoint the types of real-estate investments that have consistently shown near-immunity to the market's volatile fluctuations, and how you can invest in them RIGHT NOW.
Hear a resounding counter-opinion to the doomsayers and the get-rich-quick schemers and gurus who crawl out of the cesspool whenever the market's pendulum swings too far in one direction--and you can guard against falling into their traps.
See how you can aspire not just to survival, but also to what Frank calls "thrival," developing your ability to capitalize on market conditions in today's market.
Discover why the positive and negative excitement (a.k.a. greed and fear) associated with real estate boom and bust times are your worst enemies, brought out by nothing more than recurring market cycles, and how to recognize and guard against them today.
Plus there will be a short bonus session that will be based upon Frank’s TED talk he recently gave titled “Conquering Your Life’s Badwaters.” You can watch Frank’s TED talk here.

There will be so much more to this one day experience…

You are guaranteed to walk away with immediately actionable information (including an 80+/- page workbook developed by Frank specifically for the Make it BIG event), strategies, lifestyle changes and aspirational thoughts that will bring out the super hero in you! This is stuff you will be able to implement the minute you get home.

No need to go on, Frank – I’m ready to resister now!

Warning! Disclaimer! Notice!

Frank McKinney Signature
The Make it Big event is NOT for everyone, and might NOT be for you! In order to insure an intimate learning environment, typically NO MORE than 100 people will be permitted to attend each event. Also, the experience is not inexpensive. Frank respects how hard you work for your money and only wants you to attend if you can answer the following 3 questions with an emphatic YES!
  • 1

    Do you feel the value you will receive from the opportunity to spend a day with Frank McKinney will be worth what you pay for it?

  • 2

    Do you realize that only you can follow through on what you learn, and that it will take a little time to see the results? This is NOT a get-rich-quick event.

  • 3

    More than ½ of your investment to attend goes to the Caring House Project Foundation (www.chpf.org). Are you ok with that?

Another reason the Make it Big event may NOT be for you is Frank McKinney is not a professional motivational speaker or Powerpoint presenter. He is not a household name or famous celebrity. Frank is rough around the edges (just look at his hair and clothes!), tells it how it is, is a very spiritual man, and is not afraid to share his faith.

So, is the Make it BIG Event for you?
Now, that would be hard to answer unless you knew how much it cost, right?


Like all those VISA commercials, it would easy to slap the “priceless” tag on an event with such a unique platform. After all, Frank McKinney has never hosted an event like this, and probably won't host another. There are those fortunate few who pay Frank McKinney $1,000+ an hour for personal success coaching in his oceanfront Treehouse office.

Frank ONLY takes one new coaching client a month, and only works with those who are totally committed to succeeding in the business of life. By the way, he does this for the benefit of the Caring House Project too.

So if the Make it Big event were to last 8 hours it would be reasonable to put an $8,000 price tag on it. To say it wouldn’t be worth it isn’t true, yet to actually charge that much would limit the number of people who could learn from Frank.

Regardless of the amount you pay, shouldn’t you be able to recapture at least 10x that amount after attending the Make it BIG event? In life you should expect a financial return on your investments, or an ROI. We all know what that is. And you should expect to be able to build your net worth through investing in real estate after the time you spend with Frank.


But what about the emotional return on an investment? Shouldn’t you be able to take away more than just money? When you consider the spiritual, emotional, metal, physical health, and general succeeding in the business of life information you will absorb, that makes an opportunity like the Make it BIG event even more worthwhile.

Lastly, how about the charitable element?

More than 50% of your investment to attend the event is a charitable tax deduction. In fact, should you decide to attend, you will be making the donation directly to the Caring House Project Foundation. That’s right, your check will go to, or your credit card will be charged by CHPF.
While we have expenses associated with the Make it BIG event, you can certainly deduct the charitable portion as a donation and the balance as a business expense (be sure to check with your accountant).
The charitable donation portion of your event fee will provide housing for one desperately poor and homeless child, woman or man in the poorest country in the world, Haiti. In essence you will be building 1/8th of an entire concrete and steel home for a family of eight! Please take a moment to visit www.chpf.org to see the good works CHPF has done over the last 11 years. There you’ll find some heartwarming videos, photos and stories.

OK, …so how much is it to attend the Make it BIG Event – The Anti-Seminar?

- ONLY $997.00 -
Before deciding, if you haven’t already, click and read the "Warning" tab.


Again, Frank understands and respects how hard you work for your money. For a limited time, if you sign-up today, you can subtract $100 off your registration fee, for a total of $897 (or subtract $397 if you want to register yourself and a guest).

If you are one of the FIRST 30 to register you will:

  1. Be entered into a drawing to have a private lunch with Frank McKinney in his oceanfront Treehouse office!
  2. Be entered into a drawing to be upgraded from the level you registered if you registered at the Make it BIG or Make it BIGGER level
  3. Receive an invitation to participate in a pre-Make it BIG event webinar to help get you ready

If you are one of the FIRST 10 to register you will:

  1. Receive #3 above + AUTOMATICALLY receive a private lunch with Frank McKinney in his oceanfront Treehouse office (below) at your convenience! AND AUTOMATICALLY be upgraded from the level you registered if you registered at the Make it BIG or Make it BIGGER level!

Don't Delay - Register Today!

Our Money Back Guarantee - Unlike Any Other You Have Experienced!

Frank wants to be sure you are happy, and feel you are receiving value for your registration investment and donation. If after the first two hours of the morning session you do not feel the Make it BIG event is for you, or if you are disappointed in anyway by the end of the first two hours, just see one of us and we will refund your entire investment and donation ON THE SPOT. If you donated by check, we’ll write you a refund check right there. If you paid by credit card, we will process your refund right in front of you – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


Register HERE.

Yes, Frank I’m ready to register for the Make it BIG Event – The Anti-Seminar. I’m ready to learn how to build my wealth through real estate and how to overcome some of my fears that might be holding me back. I’m ready to learn all you have to teach me, and I’m ready to benefit the poorest of the poor at the same time! Also, thanks for the 2-Pay Option you made available to me!
Choose how BIG you want to make it!
Make it BIG!
Full Access to Event
Event Curriculum with Workbook
Make it BIG & Burst This books
Lunch with Frank at the event
Photo Session with Frank
Save $100 if you register TODAY!

Make it BIGGER!
Full Access to Event Event Curriculum with Workbook
Make it BIG & Burst This books Lunch with Frank at the event Photo Session with Frank VIP expedited check-in line Front Row/On Stage Seating Access to VIP Lounge during event VIP dinner w/ Frank and Nilsa McKinney (Learn from Frank’s wife too!)

Make it BIGGEST! (Only 10 Available)
All items from the Make it BIGGER! option PLUS: Time with Frank in his Suite for popcorn and drinks after dinner Probably the coolest of all – a visit for some one-on-one time with Frank for lunch in his famous Oceanfront Treehouse office in Florida! You can bring a guest and can schedule your Treehouse lunch anytime this year at your convenience!

Bring two for


All items from the Make it BIGGEST! option PLUS: You and a guest can spend the night at Frank's $5 million oceanfront home after your Treehouse visit!
per person
If you prefer to pay by check, call us first so we can reserve your spot or spots and which level you want to attend (BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST or OCEANFRONT MANSION), then make your check payable to:

Caring House Project Foundation
P.O. Box 388, Boynton Beach, FL 33425.

If you are still not sure, or have questions and want to speak to someone about the Make it BIG event, or something on this page is not working, feel free to use the message form below or:
Call: 561.662.4503
Email: Pamela@frank-mckinney.com

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Our Cancellation Policy

- 100% money back until 4 weeks before the event.
- 50% money back until 2 weeks before the event.
- No money back 2 weeks prior the event, but you can send someone in your place.